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PMMAPPING is your project management resource to discover and implement mind mapping techniques for projects. Services include mind mapping training, project management training, presentations, and coaching. You will achieve project success using my proven mind mapping techniques for projects.


What is Mind Mapping?

Mind mapping is a powerful tool to analyze, brainstorm, organize, share and create planning documents. Using mind mapping techniques, you can brainstorm and visualize ideas quickly and easily. Mind mapping software will help you more effectively plan and execute projects. Applications include project planning, proposal writing, business development, presentation planning, and website design.


Project Manager Benefits

  • More Productive and efficient
  • Better organized
  • Improve team communication and facilitate collaboration
  • Create a better project plan
  • Reduce project planning stress


PMI San Diego 2015 Conference Feedback
“Jim Franklin’s seminar presentation (Mind Mapping Techniques for Project Planning) was a great addition to the PMI-San Diego Conference on June 5, 2015. His seminar helped make our conference a success!

Some of the responses from attendees were: Great speaker, very knowledgeable. ; Hands on and pre-conference materials. Spectacular! This literally created a shift in my thinking about how easy this tool is to use. Truly gave me tools that can immediately help to improve productivity. ; This session was wonderful. I can actually take what we covered and learned today back to my day to day activities.


Project Planning and Scheduling Course Student Feedback

“This class not only taught me new ways to manage the task of project planning and scheduling, but the content and exercises cemented the knowledge I gained from previous courses taken in the project management certificate program. Jim’s unique perspective and style of teaching creates discussion that promotes innovation and solutions among colleagues and team members. This was a terrific experience!”



James Franklin, PMP


Project Management Professional (PMP) with over thirty years of environmental and infrastructure project experience. Career includes over twenty five years of Project and Program Management of Government contracts. Program Management experience includes managing over $500M of Government contracts in California.

I have extensive experience using mind mapping software to prepare winning proposals and to successfully manage projects. My software of choice is MindView 6 in my current role as a project manager, as well as a teaching tool at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Project Management Extension Program. I actively participate in the Project Management Institute (PMI) San Diego Chapter and hosted the Monthly PMI Career Breakfast Meeting in Rancho Bernardo, California from 2008 to 2013. 


Mind Mapping Example

This video highlights mind mapping techniques to analyze a statement of work. Use these techniques to create your next winning proposal. Video highlights:

  • Copy and paste to create wbs
  • Integrate scope details
  • Decompose wbs in real-time
  • View in map view or outline view

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