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Project Management is an excellent career. Keys to a successful career include a PMP and using effective tools and techniques to plan and execute a project. Mind mapping is a powerful tool for project management. PMmapping provides mind mapping best practices for project planning and mind maps to prepare for the PMP exam.

Services include mind mapping training, project management training, presentations, and MindView software sales. This website includes mind mapping case studies, training videos, templates, and presentation videos and slides. Use these resources to learn mind mapping techniques for projects, proposals, presentations, and to develop a successful business strategy. Mind mapping will help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve organization
  • Improve team communication and collaboration
  • Reduce planning stress


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Mind Mapping Training


Join PMmapping for half-day and full-day workshops and discover why mind mapping is an essential tool for project managers. You will learn mind mapping techniques to more effectively analyze, brainstorm, collaborate, and create project planning documents. Bring your laptop and discover the best tool for project planning. In this workshop, you will discover best practices and strategies for effective mind mapping.


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Project Management Training


PMmapping conducts Project Management Training using Kathy Schwalbe’s Introduction to Project Management, fifth edition. This course focuses on the PMBOK Project Management Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, and Processes. Students work on a team project and develop project initiation and planning documents. Documents include the Project Charter, Stakeholder Register, Requirements Matrix, Scope Statement, WBS, Project Schedule, and Risk Register.


Mind Mapping Training

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Discover mind mapping techniques and best practices for projects, presentation planning, and business strategy. Presentation include mind mapping techniques and best practices for project planning and proposal writing. Presentations have included PMI, APMP, and Biggerplate Unplugged events. I use a Presentation Planning Map to plan and brainstorm the presentation content.



Presentation Map

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PMmapping has created proven mind mapping templates for project planning, presentation planning, business strategy, and social media marketing. These templates are used to prepare project planning documents and to also teach Project Management concepts at UCSanDiego. Download a free 30-day trial of MindView 7 to view these templates. PMmapping provides on-site training and webinars to teach best practices using these templates.




Free 30 Day Trial and Templates


Are you ready to begin a successful project management career? 

A key to success is having tools and techniques to effectively plan a project.

It is difficult to plan a project using spreadsheets, and documents. 

Mind mapping is a powerful tool to quickly plan a project.

Improve your ability to analyze scope inputs, collaborate with the team, and easily create planning documents.

Use these techniques to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Do not continue to use ineffective tools to plan a project.

Download a Free Trial of MindView and discover the most effective tool to plan a project.


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