Project Management Training

Project Management Training


Course Content

PMmapping conducts Project Management Training using Kathy Schwalbe’s Introduction to Project Management, fifth edition. The course focuses on the PMBOK Project Management Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, and Processes. Students work on a team project and develop project initiation and planning documents. Documents include the Project Charter, Stakeholder Register, Requirements Matrix, Scope Statement, WBS, Project Schedule, and Risk Register. Project Management Essentials includes the following classes:

  • Class 1: Chapter 1, Introduction to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
  • Class 2: Chapter 2,Project, Program, and Portfolio Selection
  • Class 3: Chapter 3, Initiating
  • Class 4: Chapter 4, Planning (Part I) – Integration and Scope Management
  • Class 5: Chapter 5, Planning (Part II) – Time, and Cost Management
  • Class 6: Chapter 6, Planning (Part III) – Quality, Human Resources, Communications, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder Management
  • Class 7: Chapter 6, Executing
  • Class 8: Chapter 7, Monitoring and Controlling Projects and Chapter 8, Closing
  • Class 9: Team Presentations and end of course celebration

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Mind Mapping

You will discover mind mapping techniques to plan projects. Mind mapping is a powerful tool for project teams to brainstorm, collaborate, and create project planning documents. You will use mind mapping templates and examples to work on a team project. A key feature of this class is the PMBOK Mind Map which includes the Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, Processes, and Outputs. Each process includes a link to a Google slide file which includes the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. Click to download a copy of the PMBOK mind map.


Social Media

In addition to learning project management concepts, you will use social media to collaborate with team members and create project planning documents. Project Management Essentials features a Google+ Project Management Training Community. I use this Community to share information and collaborate with students. Click to view the Project Management Training Community. Google+ Hangouts are also used to conduct webinars to provide additional examples of project management concepts. You will use Google+ Hangouts to work on the team projects. Project Initiation and Planning documents are created using Google Drive. This eliminates document control problems with editing documents using email.



You will also experience the importance of networking and meeting experienced project managers. You will be  encouraged to attend a PMI San Diego Chapter event and write a one-page summary of the event. PMI meetings are an excellent opportunity to attend excellent presentations and network with project managers. Some of my former students continue to attend PMI events and to also volunteer with the PMI San Diego chapter.


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