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Web Site Mind MapMind mapping is an excellent technique to brainstorm web site content and create a web site storyboard. This case study describes using MindView 6 to plan PMmapping website. The website planning mind map included web site content, images, links to Google Drive content, links to YouTube videos, mind map examples and templates. I used the mind mapping techniques to present a visual representation of the web site. This approach ensures web site content and layout with your customer and will minimize rework. Key benefits include:

  • More effectively brainstorm website content.
  • Leverage visual map to facilitate collaboration.
  • Include website content including narrative, links, and photographs.
  • Export map to MS Word to create a website outline.
Website Case Study

Evernote Brainstorming


I began brainstorming website content in May 2014 using Evernote to outline the website menus. My initial layout included home, videos, templates, contact me, links, and free trial. It was difficult to visualize website content using a linear outline. After five frustrating minutes of adding and deleting, I began using MindView to design the website layout and content. MindView was the perfect tool to plan the website content. I was able to easily add and combine content within the various menus. The menu layout changed so much from the initial Evernote brainstorming. Using MindView 6, I was able to visualize the website content and easily make changes to the website design. It would have been too difficult to plan the website if I had continued using Evernote. I was also able to use the web site mind map as a wbs to define content requirements. This became my action plan to create the text, images, and video.

The mindmap was a powerful tool to design the website. Sub topics included web site text, images, links to Google Drive, and YouTube Videos. My original plan was to export the content to MS Word and pay a website developer to create the website. I interviewed a couple of developers and had to make a decision between WorkPress and Weebly. Attendees I met at Social Media Day San Diego on June 30, 2014 recommended WordPress. On July 3, 2014, I set-up a Managed WordPress Site with GoDaddy. I have enjoyed learning WordPress and the various options for page layout and using plugins and widgets. It has not been too difficult because I have experience creating SharePoint sites at work. WordPress is excellent for showing visual content. I use SnagIt to create screen shots and then upload to the WordPress media library. The web site will continue to evolve as I gain experience and create new content. I will use the website content to post to Google+ and will also learn SEO.

Web Site Casey Study_2

Project Mind Mapping Solutions was my first website. Using MindView 5 was a key success factor for this project. I can provide additional information and training on using MindView 5 to design a website. Let me know if you would like a Google Hangout demonstration. Click on link to download the web site mind map.

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