Plan a Presentation

Presentation Planning Map

The presentation map is based on Carmine Gallo’s book “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”. This book provides excellent tips on planning and delivering presentations. The presentation map is an excellent tool to plan and develop presentation content. Export the map to MS Word and use the content to populate the presentation and create presentation notes. The export to word is an excellent presentation handout. Key topics in the presentation map include:

  • Key messages
  • Interactive strategies
  • Customer evidence
  • Memorable moment
  • Presentation content

Your presentations will be more successful if you plan and brainstorm content using mind mapping techniques. The last step in your presentation planning is to create the slide deck. Checkout the Presentation Map and download today.

BiggerPlate Unplugged Presentation Map

Presentation Map

Biggerplate Unplugged Presentation – San Francisco

I used a presentation map to prepare for the Biggerplate Unplugged presentation in San Francisco on March 20, 2014. This event included mind map users, software developers, bloggers, and trainers. I presented mind mapping techniques to plan projects and teach project management concepts. The event had an excellent line-up of seven speakers. Each presenter had twenty minutes to present. It was important to present key points and examples in a concise manner. I was pleased with my presentation and received excellent feedback.

Biggerplate Unplugged is my favorite event to date. Over 95 percent of attendees were avid mind mappers. Everyone was in a great mood and you could feel the positive energy in the room. Liam Hughes did a great job in organizing and executing the event. Checkout the Biggerplate website for additional presentation videos.

A presentation map is a key factor in planning and delivering a successful presentation. Checkout my Biggerplate Unplugged presentation and contact me for additional information.


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