PMP Exam Study Maps

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The PMBOK Mind Maps include:

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PMBOK Mind Map – pdf

PMBOK Test Map – pdf

PMBOK Mind Map – MindView 7

Mind Map Templates

Planning Process Guidelines





A PMP Certification is a key step to a successful Project Management Career.

Are you preparing for the exam? The PMP exam is a difficult exam and you need to prepare. Use the PMP Exam Study Maps to quickly understand the Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, and Outputs.

How to use the PMP Exam Study Maps?

  1. Print the PMBOK 6th Edition Study Map pdf.
  2. Print the PMBOK Test Map pdf.
  3. Review the PMBOK Study Map pdf. 11 x 17 works best.
  4. Complete the PMBOK Test Map pdf.
  5. Make extra copies of the PMBOK Test Map to practice.

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As a bonus, you will receive the MindView PMBOK Mind Map.

Purchase the PMP Study Maps and start preparing for the PMP exam today.

Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam!