Brainstorm and Organize Project Planning Inputs

Brainstorm and Organize Project Planning Inputs


This video presents the benefits of mind mapping software to brainstorm and organize project planning inputs. Using mind mapping techniques, a project team can analyze, brainstorm, organize, share, and create project planning documents. This is the second of a series of videos on using mind mapping techniques for project planning. Use these techniques to more effectively plan your projects. 

It can be a challenge to organize the multiple planning inputs including a statement of work, drawings, meetings, telephone calls, emails, and websites. Using mind mapping software, you can easily capture brainstorming sessions and organize content. As a result, you can then share information with the project team. In this video, you will learn the following:

  • Organizing planning inputs using MindView 6.
  • Using text note to enter information into the mind map.
  • Using outline view to present information.

Also, view my video on using mind mapping to analyze a statement of work.

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